AQVOX PHONO2CI MKII  High-End Phono Preamp  MC/MM

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AQVOX PHONO2CI MKII  High-End Phono Preamp  MC/MM  (VAT policy for non EU countries >>)
Color: silver
   (black is n
ot available anymore)

Balanced high-end MM/MC phono preamplifier, low-noise power supply


External dimensions: (w / h / d): approx. 435 x 59 x 290 mm

Weight: approx. 3 kg

Operating AC Voltage: 100V to 240V - 50/60 Hz

User's Manual


The Phono 2 Cl is a state of the art audiophile fully balanced audiophile phono stage. Perhaps closed to the best phonopre amps in terms of flexibility and surely one of the very best phonostage of all audiophile phonostages for the audiophile music lover, who wants to intense is "experiences" when listening trough his vinyl. Enjoy full bandwith and high dynamic.
It is an excellent choice for high-end audio enthusiasts who like to get the best possible quality from their turntables and cartridges.


The PHONO 2 CI is an excellent Phonopreamplifier in fully balanced Single-Ended Class-A design. He incorporates beside the regular RCA input which is based on voltage amplification, additionally an XLR TRUE balanced current amplifier input for MC-cartridges.

Both inputs have flexible gain adjustment to match the cartridge with the input-amplifictaion.

Cable recommendation for the different amplification methods of the Phono2CI:
Ffor the unbalanced RCA voltage amplification input a cable with low capacitive value is important.
For the balanced XLR current amplification input, we strongly recommend the usage of a cable with low inductive values.
Either two unscreened braided wires per channel, or balanced screened braided cable (two wires in one screen per channel).
Unscreened cable sounds more open
Braided cable has less noise and disturbances


MC (Moving Coil)-cartridges are balanced current generators and matching best with balanced current amplifiers
(Moving Magnet)-cartridges are voltage generators and matching best with voltage amplifiers

The Vinylfriend has here the unique possibility to choose between two completely different amplification technologies. The unbalanced voltage amplification or the balanced current amplification input. Both amplification methods are user adjustable or working automatically. Because of this flexibility there was no MM oder MC cartridge found, which did not sound excellent with the Phono2Ci.

Why actually ballanced / symmetrical phono preamplification?
There are two clean- symmetrical (mass-free) signal sources. On the one hand microphones, which explains also the historical origination of the symmetrical signal transmission within the professional audio range, on the other hand the MovingCoil pick-ups. There it is actually amazing that symmetrical / balanced circuits are so rarely used in phonostages. Because here one has to do as also with microphones, with very small voltages/currents with those the advantages of symmetrical signal processing would fully take effekt: During the symmetrical processing two contrary-phased signals are transferred. The amplifier forms the difference between both signals. Thus with symmetrical processing not the difference of an electrical signal is used to the mass, but the difference of two electrical signals. Disturbances, which usually arise on both signal-lines, are so effectively erased. In addition the XLR input has 6db higher amplification, this is more effective and results in better signal/noise ratio.
During asymmetrical connection a half wave of the MC signal is connected with the often contaminated common-ground!

TRUE balanced with just two conductors?

Normally balanced connections have 3 conductors: positive, negative and ground.
But in the case of eg. cartriges or microphones, which are balanced sources with just 2 conductors - positive and negative. The technical term is floating balanced or balanced without ground. Yes this is TRUE balanced! The positive signal is connected to one dedicated amplifier stage and the negative signal is inverted and also connected to one dedicated amplifier stage = differential amplifier!


Automatic adjustment with MC-cartridges connected to the balanced-current-amplifier XLR input:
The automatic adjustment of balanced connected MC-cartridges is not "automatic" adjustment! Rather it is an under match, i.e. the source is of higher impedance as the input, i.e. the current of the energy generated by the MC-coils in the cartridge are measured for signal generation, not the voltage. The Phono2Ci input is of low impedance, so that each connected capacity or each extra resistance does not play a role, better is unneccessary.

MC cartridges supply generally little voltage, but a completely useful current (otherwise the signal would not be possible to transform with an MC-transformer. The product of voltage times current remains on same value). The AQVOX PHONO2CI evaluates the current, which flows from the cartridge by the input, not the comparatively small voltage. All MC cartridges deliver similar currents, whether Low output or High output MC. While the differences of potential are considerable, the current differences are only small. Thus a High output MC has only little more level than a Low output MC does for the phonopreamp.
The cartridge is connected "floating balanced" - means with no ground connection.

Another effect of the under match is that the cartridges are also electrically dampened. That leads to the fact that some cartridges with high-resonance at this input sound much more neutral. On the other hand there is not the dynamic restriction, which a low impedance voltage input can bring with itself. One can point out again and again that the current input (XLR) comes a Moving Coil cartridge much more against, as it a tension input (RCA) can. Beyond that the symmetrical input stage of the AQVOX PHONO2CI works very many more cleanly in the current mode - Current amplification, since the voltage characteristic of the transistors will not go through here.

Genuine fully balanced (symmetrical) circuit design in the entire signal path
The PHONO 2 Cl is a highly precise Phonostage for MM and MC pick-up´s. It is a excellent choice for all music lovers, who would like to play their vinyl records on highest level. By the balanced XLR outputs the equipment is very well applicable in professional audio/media studios.

XLR- or Cinch
The PHONO 2 CI has an asymmetrical Cinch input for the connection of MM or MC pick-ups. The RCA/Cinch input is only for not fish not flesh MC-cartridges the better choice. The best performance from a MC pick-up is achievable on the XLR input. Because behind the XLR input acts the current-amplifier, which fits best to a current-generator like a MC-cartridge´s generator. The XLR input suits almost all Moving Coil pick-up´s and is sonically better due to the Current amplification circuit. The Current Amplification principle does not require any impedance matching.
All MC´s are balanced and all tonearms too (some REGA´s not, but this is easy to modify), try AQVOX special balanced-phonocables. they are available with XLR-to-RCA, or XLR-to-SME 5pin, or with custom plugs terminated. Simply contact AQVOX in case of questions.

No integrated OPamp in the signal path
Discrete circuit design realized with most modern layout and best parts.
All capacitors in the signal path are low-loss, non-inductive polypropylene condensers.
One percent metall-film resistors within the entire audio range.

Current Amplification and single Ended Class-A without global overall feedback
The combination of Current Amplification for the input stage and single Ended Class-A technology for the output stage results in a precise warm and airy sound quality with high dynamics.

MC (Moving Coil)-cartridges are balanced current generators and matching best with balanced current amplifiers
(Moving Magnet)-cartridges are voltage generators and matching best with voltage amplifiers

No over all/global feedback
All amplifiers runing without global overall feedback, only little local feedback is used. In this way dynamic distortions are already drastically reduced. Very short signal path by the use of only one amplifier stage per output stage.

No differential input offset (zero offset) at the XLR Current amplification input-
that means safety for the MC-pick-up. The cartridge sees only the difference of the
input potentials, which should be naturally 0 V. The few current amp phonostages,
which are on the market have all a problem with the offset
regulation, since even few mVs offset exceeding the original output
of the pick-up. In addition, often when powering on a regular current-amp phonostage
the offset does not stand stable and the pick-up suffers from the offset.
The AQVOX XLR CI is a symmetrical current input, which is designed that it does not
have any offset problems because of different principle. There is also
no automatic control loop (feedback) and even when powering on the Phono2Ci,
it produces no offset.

Technical specifications

RCA- Input-Sensitivity:
49db - 68db / 0,4-12mVrms 1kHz, 1Vrms out XLR
47-kOhm, switchable to 1-kOhm and 100-Ohm
47pF internal, switchable +47pF, +100pF, +220pF, +470pF
55db - 75db (suits for cartridges from 0,10mV to over 3,5mV)
The sensivity of the XLR Current-Amplification-Input is depending on Voltage and Impedance of the Moving Coil Cartridge. The CI-Input fits to a wide range of Mc´s,
including High-Output MC´s as well as Ultra-Ultra Low-Output MC´s.
RIAA with Neumann time constant +/- 0,25 dB (50kHz roll-off)
-9dB / 10 Hz, -18 dB / 5 Hz, -48 dB / 2 Hz
THD + Noise:
1V out-XLR 0.009% at min. 0.04% at max. MM-RCA-In
1V out-XLR 0.019% at min. 0.09% at max. MC-RCA-In
Signal-Noise Ratio (S/N) IHF-A:
1V-Out-XLR-MM-RCA-In 76dB Flat, 84dBA at min./ 63dB Flat, 71dBA at max.*
1V-Out-XLR-MC-RCA-In 69dB Flat, 78dBA at min./ 57dB Flat, 65dBA at max*
Power consumption 5 W
External dimensions (w / h / d): ca. 435 x 59 x 290 mm Weight ca. 2.8 kg
Accessory: Alu-rackmounts for 19"-Standard-Racks, available in silver color.

FUSE 250V 2A-T (lame)

*min. and max. Stating the minimum/maximun position of the front Gain-knobs

AQVOX PHONO2CI MKII  High-End Phono Preamp  MC/MM AQVOX PHONO2CI MKII  High-End Phono Preamp  MC/MM


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