AQVOX MyMiniDAC   192kHz/24bit USB 2.0 D/A Converter (DAC)

AQVOX MyMiniDAC   192kHz/24bit USB 2.0     D/A Converter  (DAC)

Print product data sheet  AQVOX MyMiniDAC   192kHz/24bit USB 2.0     D/A Converter  (DAC)
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MyMiniDAC-SE Upgrade Version ( + 145,00 EUR )

MyMiniDAC-N Basic Version

AQVOX MyMiniDAC - 192kHz/24bit, USB 2.0  Digital to Analog Converter
with asynchronous USB

Available in two versions:

MyMiniDAC-N     Basic Version: improved sound quality by application of high-quality electronic parts at important
                           sound relevant points. (Can be upgraded to superior SE version later)

MyMiniDAC-SE   Upgrade Version:  further improved sound quality by more precise
internal voltage supply
even more high-quality electronic parts at various sound relevant points
                          less Jitter

Input:    USB-2.0 Type B
Output:  RCA, Headphone 3.5 mm

inkl.:     AQVOX USB Low-Noise Supply Type-B
             ASIO & WDM Hardware Driver
(Windows XP/ VISTA/ 7 / 8 )  32/64 bit - and Apple-MAC (only SnowLeopard)
Apple OS X Mountain Lion  is not yet supported)

Download-Link for the ASIO & WDM driver:

Hint: the MyMiniDAC ASIO & WDM driver is not identical with the AQVOX ASIO Driver. The AQVOX ASIO Driver does not work with this device

We recommend to use AQVOX USB Cables and AQVOX COAX 75 Ohm Digital Cable with the MyDDC Converter  (not included in the package).


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