AQ-SWITCH SE Audiophile High-End Network Switch audio LAN isola

AQ-SWITCH SE  Audiophile High-End Network Switch audio LAN isola

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AQ-SWITCH SE  Special Edition -  AQVOX Audiophile High-End Gigabit Network-SWITCH 8 Ports* 

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Our many customers say, this is the Switch, which does not only sounds best, but in deed improves the sound quality.

For audiophiles, the best option. Simply the best Switch.

Upgrade from the AQ-Switch-V1 to the SE version for 460,- EUR pus shipping


Reviews and tests of he SE peacial Edition

For details of the further modifications of the AQ-Switch SE version, see below.

NOTICE regarding the D-link basis

We do not use the D-Link Switch as a base because it sounds better than other switches. The D-Link sounds just as bad as other models. We use the D-Link because our modifications are especially easy to implement here.
To all who think the unmodified D-Link is a good choice - it is not. Even a sophisticated powersupply just helps a little, compared to the huge effect of our modifications. And if you have a good NAS source like a Melco, the unmodified D-Link even degrades the sound quality.



Latest Network Technologie, compatible with all Network Devices.

Ideal for connecting e.g. NAS, Server, Router, Streamer, DAC, HTPC, PC, TV etc.
Improves video and sound reproduction (all video and audio formats, all resolutions)

The network switch is a largely unnoticed device, but its function is essential to the quality of the transmitted media data.

All Media that pass through this audiophile switch, experience a significant improvement in sound and video quality.

Latest network technology, compatible with all network connections.
All mediadata that pass through this audiophile switch experience a significant improvement in sound and image quality.

Application examples for sound enhancement:

• Ideal for connecting e.g. NAS, server, router, streamer, DAC, HTPC, PC, TV etc.

• with DEVOLO and similar ethernet-over-powergrid solutions, a drastic improvement is achieved. 


Internal hard drives or SSDs usually sound better or equally good, such as from NAS / Server via LAN or external USB HDs. But ... NAS / server via the AQ switch, sounds far better than the aforementioned solutions.

• bridging long distance LAN connections up to 100m and still improving the sound quality. 

• Finally enjoy the full sonic potential of audiophile streaming services: or but also etc. will touch you more because the music is "revitalised"

• improving and amplifying the video / audio signal for longer LAN connections. (LAN amplifier / network amplifier)
Improves sound quality and picture quality. (All video and audio formats, all resolutions)

• Even if the distribution function and the 8 connections of the switch are not needed at the moment, the switch has a sound-improving effect by suppressing interference and optimizing the data stream. Again: even if you do not  need any SWITCH, improve your sound quality by routing your LAN media sources  through our AQ-SWITCH.

• also very expensive special LAN streaming sources, e.g. High-end servers, streamerservers, network hard drives can experience a sound enhancement through our AQ switch.

• an alternative to the investment in several thousand euro audiophile music storage solutions such as HighEnd Server, Streamingserver or NAS.

The network switch is a device that is often overlooked or underestimated, but is essential for the quality of the mediadata to be transmitted.


AQVOX Modification:
"State of the Art" Signal Optimization

- Internal Ultra-Low-Noise voltage regulation
- Jitter Reduction
- ReClocker
- Signal Shaper
- EMI Eleminator
- De-Noiser
- Modified/optimized external power supply**

By using components from the audiophile technology in the power supply, plus innovative noise suppression concepts, AQVOX has achieved a quantum leap in the improvement of signal quality during the transmission of digital media data. The data packets experience a precise re-alignment. Sound and picture deteriorating noise (EMI), induced by sources such as PC, NAS, routers, and as well power cables, are largely eliminated.


Additional modification of the SE version:
We ask for your understanding that we will not give any details here.

The enclosures are holo sealed and all modifications are covered with resin compound.

The sound quality or expected sound enhancement cannot be judged simply by features or special components.

- In the SE version, we have integrated our newly developed phase correction, which has been applied for the first time in the AQVOX USB Detoxer QL 2, which has contributed to more space and improved definition and impulse fidelity.

- The new, optimized oscillator, which we refined with a tuning, is a factor 10 more precise clock generator. More precise focus and definition is the benefit.

- We have optimized the peripheral circuitry of the switch controller chip with additional interference suppression components. A plus of room information.

- The internal power supply circuits are now carefully optimized with additional Ultra-Fast capacitors.

- The lining of the metal housing with butyl rubber and thereby silenced also contributed to the sound improvement. A more black background.

- We have also been able to optimize the power supply even further.

Recommendation regarding LAN Cables:
To prevent that the benefit of the AQ-Switch-8 gets degraded subsequently, the LAN cable from the switch towards the playback gear must be of best sound quality. This is important to preserve the sound enhancement of the switch and route it into the playback device. Hence it is recommended to try out the AQVOX LAN cables. AQ-Switch-8 and AQVOX LAN cables complement each other perfectly. The LAN cable routing from the source towards the switch should also be of good quality.

Note on optimal cable length:

- It is recommended to have a short LAN cable routing towards the playback gear
- The LAN cable from the the source into the switch can be the longer one.
- Other than e.g. with COAX/SPdif cables, there is no no sound drawback with LAN cables shorter than 1 meter.
- For LAN cables over 10m length it cuould be considered to use an AQVOX switch as repeater.


1000 Mbit/s - 1 Gigabit, up to 2000 Mbit/s - 2 Gigabit in full duplex mode
Galvanic isolation with signal transformers 1500 V withstanding voltage
Interference Suppression and Optimization
Jitter Reduction, ReClocker, Signal Shaper, De-Noiser.
Shielding Metal Case
Status LEDs for Speed, Active and Lock
Power-saving operation
Modified/optimized original external power supply** worldwide 100-240 V AC input, europlug - adapter will be needed
The Phase of the power-supply is marked with the AQVOX logo at one side
Improves video and sound reproduction (all video and audio formats, all resolutions)
Dimensions W x D x H: 16.2 x 10.5 x 3.1 cm (2.7 cm without feet)
Weight: 0.7 kg

- Network switch 8 ports

- wall plug power supply for worldwide operation 100-240 V AC with EURO plug
- EU-to-UK or EU-to-USA plug adapor
- no LAN cables included

** Please note: The enclosed power supply is optimally matched to the High-End Switch. Other, supposedly better power supplies, including The AQVOX Low-Noise power supply have an deteriorating effect to the sound.

* The cables shown in the pictures are not included

Sound Improvement:
The extended improvements in the "Special Edition" significantly improve the sound enhancement that the AQVOX Switch achieves.
The excellent sonic attributes are the same as with the first AQVOX switch, but more clearly.

By the way, the extended modifications of the SE version have not changed the tonality of the previous version.

The sound becomes generally clearer, more live and gets more space. Improved transient reproduction, more vivid resolution of fine detail.
Due to the increased transparency, e.g. the breath in voices or the fingerplay on the strings are more perceptible. The bass is more contoured and more colorful. In addition, the three-dimensional image of the sound reproduction is improved. The stage appears to be wider and deeper.

All of this leads to an increase in what audiophiles probably strive for the most: the best possible transmission of the atmosphere and the emotions stored in recorded music.

Due to the more defined low-frequency reproduction, a correction of the loudspeaker position may be required!

For best results please use AQVOX Ethernet/LAN Cables.



POWER SUPPLY we get many requests about this topic.

Would there be any benefits to substituting a linear or battery power supply?
- we optimized the included power-supply to the max. We and customers tried already many other ps linear, smps and battery: changes but no natural improvement. Just take it as a very optimum. It is matched. Linear or battery does not mean automatically better, they do have a different distortion spectrum, impedances, power delivey etc.

** Please note: the supplied power supply is optimized and matched to the AQ switch. Other, also supposedly better power supplies, or up to 1000 Euro expensive UltraLowNoise power supplies work here mostly counterproductive, or bring a change but in our opinion is not necessarily an improvement.
Other low-noise power supplies do sound different, whether a transformer or a switching power supply topology, usually connected with a superficially quieter sound picture, which is however due to accurate analysis, missing micro-information. We have also tested accu or battery supplies, direct cell supply without the influence of voltage regulators in the source, also here -  missing micro details associated with less agility. Resulting in a too laid-back sound.

--- The supplied power supply provides the best and most natural sound in our opinion.

--- If you look for further sound improvement, consider AQVOX LAN cables. They can bring good sound improvement. Or try our LAN detoxer caps eg. in your router.

Our AQVOX low-noise linear power supply, brings normally significiant sound improvement. But connected to the AQ-SWITCH, it degrades the sound quality.
In our opinion, the best sounding option is with the included and optimized/matched one.  The phase is marked.










Audio Ramblings and the AQVOX SE Switch - A Step in the Right Direction






The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel

Review - AQVOX AQ-Switch Special Edition audiophile switch


22.12.2017 Deutschland

Hallo Leute,

der SE ist eingetroffen und wurde sofort eingebunden.  Was soll ich sagen, na ich sags mal bayrisch, einfach sauguad. Ich bin gespannt, was sich nach der "Einspielzeit" noch weiter tut. Eines der besten Weihnachtsgeschenke ever. 
Schöne Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch

22.12.2017 Deutschland



28.11.2017  Denmark


...Skeptics can scoff all they want, but these modified switches do bring out more music with substantially more room information and natural ambience, resulting in a sonic image with enhanced dimensionality and solidity.
The enhanced background clarity and intertransient silence of the SE provide worthwhile improvements that make music listening so much more effortless and relaxed for hours on end. Apparently, the SE reduces noise and eliminates background distortions and disturbances that the listener probably wasn't even consciously aware of.
The improvement is subtle, but consistent across the board, enhancing top-to-bottom coherence, instrumental timbre and the sheer musicality and "physicality" of the listening experience.
If you're still running your system on a standard switch, you owe it to yourself to audition an Aqvox. If you're a satisfied user of the original Aqvox and have the discretionary income, look into upgrading to the SE.
In my system, the SE is definitely a keeper.
Al Jones



21.11.2017 Deutschland

habe den AQvox LAN Switch-SE jetzt seit letzter Woche samt AQvox LAN-Kabel Excel in Gebrauch und bin sehr begeistert von dem daraus resultierenden klanglichen Fortschritt. Mehr Dynamik, Instrumente und Stimmen bekommen mehr Luft, wodurch die Raumdarstellung glaubhafter wirkt. Zudem gewinnt der Bass merklich an Definition. Alles wirkt natürlicher ! Wenn man die Augen schließt, sieht man förmlich die Instrumentalisten, wie sie Ihre Instrumente spielen.
Für's Streaming eigentlich unabdingbar. Möchte ich in meiner Kette nicht mehr missen. Wenn auch nicht billig, aber diese Anschaffung lohnt sich wirklich.


10.11.2017 Sweden

Just wanted to inform that I received the AQVOX switch 8 SE today.
All I can say is WOW. A huge upgrade in sound. 
I look forward to hear it improve the coming weeks. 

Regards Magnus 


Der Klang des neuen SE Switch gegenüber meinem alten Netgear GS-105GE ist frappierend luftiger. Ein deutlicher Gewinn an Leichtigkeit. 
Gruß Ivo



  "Seit 4 Tagen ist die SE Version bei mir in Dauerbetrieb. Das Fazit, als Abonnent von Qobuz Sublime + (also, High Res Streaming), vorweg: Ein klanglicher Überflieger zum Happy Hour Preis.

Die auditive Wahrnehmung als emotionales Erlebnis auf der rationalen Ebene des Wortes umzusetzen, ist immer eine Gratwanderung. Häufig macht man sich da lächerlich.

Ihnen ist  auf der Seite:
eine, aus meiner Sicht, hinreichende Näherung gelungen. Was sie über das Kabel schreiben, gilt für das Gesamtsystem.

"Durch die gesteigerte Transparenz und Dreidimensionalität wird der Raum der Aufnahme fast greifbar reproduziert. Dynamik und Impulse durch z.B.
hart angerissene Gitarrensaiten oder Percussion-Instrumente explodieren förmlich."

Meine Befürchtungen hinsichtlich des Tieftonbereiches nach ihren Anmerkungen: "Durch die definiertere Tieftonwiedergabe kann eine
Korrektur der Lausprecherposition erforderlich sein"  haben sich nicht realisiert. Umgekehrt wird ein Schuh daraus: Durch mehr Präzision in
diesem Bereich kann ich jetzt die Tieftoneinstellung von  - 3 db auf 0 db ändern.

In meiner seit 45 Jahren andauernden Beschäftigung mit dem Thema HIFI hatte ich schon so manches, hochgelobtes, hochpreisiges, sich dann als
audiophiler Tiefflieger herausstellendes, Gerät zu Hause.

Ihr Switch reiht sich in die Gruppe der bezahlbaren "No Nonsense" Produkte ein, wie ich sie auch von der HiFi Akademie und Nubert kenne.

Eine Anmerkung sei noch gestattet wg. der Laufrichtung des EXCEL Kabels.
Natürlich, wer keinen Unterschied beim Wechsel der Laufrichtung hört, dem ist mit dieser Angabe auch nicht geholfen. Andererseits, sicher dem Alter geschuldet, ist mein  
Spieltrieb  nicht mehr so ausgeprägt. Auf die Idee ein LAN Kabel in der Richtung auszutauschen, wäre ich ohne den Hinweis auf ihrer Seite, nie gekommen.
Heute, als Abschluss der Hörsessions durchgeführt; festgestellt, das Ausprobieren lohnt sich."

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Mathias B


Did you know
that AQVOX is the inventor of the audio-optimized USB cable that came on the market in 2006? Only two years later, the first audiophile USB cables were launched from competitors.
For over 30 years, we have been working intensively on improving digital music reproduction. In 2005, AQVOX released the world's first full-balanced high-end D/A converter with USB connection. AQVOX has played a major role in making computer audio audiophile: For instance, with the ASIO driver, which is indispensable for audiophile music playback on Windows PCs.

AQ-SWITCH SE  Audiophile High-End Network Switch audio LAN isola AQ-SWITCH SE  Audiophile High-End Network Switch audio LAN isola AQ-SWITCH SE  Audiophile High-End Network Switch audio LAN isola AQ-SWITCH SE  Audiophile High-End Network Switch audio LAN isola


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