AQVOX COAX EXCEL 75 Ohm Coaxial Digital Cable

AQVOX COAX EXCEL 75 Ohm Coaxial Digital Cable

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AQVOX COAX EXCEL High-End 75 Ohm Coaxial Digital Cable in audiophile quality 
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Handmade in Germany from German high tech material

Length:  0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 /  2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0  meter    (other lengths on request)

HINT about cable length: if possible NOT below 1m !!!

Due to the wavelength of the frequency band of  SPdif transmissions, the cable length of COAX cable connections has a small influence on the signal quality.
We recommend to use lengths up from 1m or more for the most optimal performance and audiophile sound quality.

Cable 75 Ohm, BNC connectors 75 Ohm, RCA connectors 75 Ohm, double-shielding, gas filled dielectric.

Sonically it is  extremely precise, rich in details and transients.

Also available with follwong connectors / combinations:
RCA - 2.5mm Mono Phono Plug
RCA - 3.5mm Mono Phono Plug
BNC - 2.5mm Mono Phon Plug
BNC- 3.5mm Mono Phon Plug
Cinch - USB-A
Cinch - USB-B
Cinch - USB-mini
BNC - USB-mini
Cinch - USB-micro
BNC - USB-mirco
Cinch - USB-C

If a combination is not listed, we are sure we can manufacture it. Please just ask.

Please note: All custom plug combinations are custom made and are except from return. No return possible. No refund.


AQVOX COAX EXCEL- HighEnd COAX-75 Ohm - COAX - Digitalcable
Handmade in Germany

Audiophile Coaxial-Digitalcable - with enormus resolution and phantastic imaging.
RCA-plug to RCA-plug.
Real 75 Ohm ( wave impedance ) RCA plug of beryllium copper, gold plated.
Cable 75 Ohm, gas-filled dielelectricum, OFC, double copperbraid-screening/return conductor.
Cold-forged connections, no solder, in hermetically sealed connectors.
Extremely musical and precise. Other lengths on request


HighEnd COAX-75 - COAX - Digitalcable of audiophile quality - versions: RCA to RCA / BNC to BNC / BNC to RCA

Contrary to most offered 75-Ohm digital audio cables where the RCA plugs have just 20 - 30-Ohm, the AQVOX COAX cable incorporates not only a 75-Ohm precision cable of finest quality and technology, but also real 75-Ohm RCA plugs. Only this ensures that a consistent 75-Ohm wave impedance troughout the connection line is kept, for which the digitalelectric (COAX) In- and Outputs of the digital audio devices are designed for.

AQVOX cooperates with one of the best manufacturers of high frequency- and digital connectors and can offer COAX cable with RCA plugs in 75-Ohm and best quality.

Here some background regarding the importance of correct wave impedance at Wikipedia
Chapter: Significance of impedance
or here

The WAVE RESISTANCE is based on frequency and is not measurable with a Ohm-meter!

For example: in the professional broadcasting field or in recording studios, digital cables terminated with plugs or jacks which do not have same wave resistancy as the ccable, are not used at all.

In Practice
Following disadvantages arising from interconnections running out of specifications (eg. 75-Ohm, 110-Ohm etc..):
(this affects digital Audio- as well as digital Videosignals and results from damaged cables or wrong parts)
mainly responsible are signal reflections, standing waves, signal return losses and signal dampening for signal errors/alterings, signal losses/creations and further the sound quality affecting factors, all called jitter. This results in audible losses of details, transients, stage imaging and transparency .

Under monitoring conditions, it is noticeable like this example: if a backround Hi-Hat is whiped with the metalbrush, not the details like the fine metalwires working on the brass are audible, it sounds more undefinded like rustle or noise.

AQVOX COAX EXCEL 75 Ohm Coaxial Digital Cable AQVOX COAX EXCEL 75 Ohm Coaxial Digital Cable AQVOX COAX EXCEL 75 Ohm Coaxial Digital Cable


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